Egyptian Nuclear Physics Association
(Reg. # 4522/ 1998, Ministry of Social Affairs)

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    Founded in 1997, the Egyptian Nuclear Physics Association ,a non governmental not-for-profit organization, is to offer scientific and cultural services in the field of Nuclear Physics and Related Activities, namely:
- to follow scientific progress in the field of nuclear physics and related activities, and to enhance the national knowledge in this field.
- to publish a scientific periodical for research and development under the title:
Journal of Nuclear and Radiation Physics
- to suggest and provide services and consultation in its field of activity (FOA).
- adoption of scientific terminology and translation of scientific material into Arabic.
- to issue a popular scientific magazine in Arabic.
- issuing of non periodic publications in Association's FOA.
- to establish a national data base in nuclear physics and related activities.
- conducting conferences, seminars, symposia, workshops, training courses,  exhibitions, cultural events, and so forth in Association's FOA.
- to enhance cooperation between Arab scientists interested in Association's activities aiming to establish
Pan-Arab Nuclear Physics Association.- to establish regional and international contacts and cooperation with similar organizations.

     One of the major activities of ENPA is to organize
Nuclear and Particle Physics Conference (NUPPAC)
The NUPPAC conference is a biennial event dedicated to the progress in experimental and theoretical nuclear and particle physics, and to follow the evolution of the recent developments in these subjects. ENPA had organized six such conferences:
- NUPPAC' 97       in Cairo
- NUPPAC' 99       in Cairo
- NUPPAC' 01       in Giza
- NUPPAC' 03       in El-Fayoum
- NUPPAC' 05       in Cairo
- NUPPAC' 07       in Luxor
15-19 Nov. 1997
13-17 Nov. 1999
20-24 Oct. 2001
11-15 Oct. 2003
19-23 Nov. 2005
17-21 Nov. 2007
    ENPA is planning to organize its 7th Conference on Nuclear and Particle Physics  (NUPPAC' 09) in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, 11-15 Nov. 2009.
    With the increasing concern towards environmental problems, and the role physics can do in monitoring, analysing, and understanding environmental phenomena, ENPA is engaged in organizing
Environmental Physics Conference (EPC)
From that prespective ENPA had organized its 1st Environmental Physics Conference (EPC' 04) in El-Minya during the period 24-28 Feb. 2004 in cooperation with El-Minya University, its 2nd conference (EPC' 06) in Alexandria during the period 18-22 Feb. 2006 in cooperation with Alexandria University and its 3rd conference (EPC' 08) in Aswan during the period 18-22 Feb. 2006 in cooperation with South Valley University.
    ENPA is planning to organize its 4th Environmental Physics Conference (EPC' 10) in Hurgada, Egypt, during Feb. 2010.
    ENPA is a co-organizer of the second all african IRPA congress helt in Ismailya, Egypt, 23-27 April 2007.

    During 1998 ENPA organized its 1st two days seminar (24-25 Nov. 1998) on:

Environmental Radioactivity in Egypt
in cooperation with the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority.
    During 1999 ENPA organized its 2nd two days seminar (22-23 March 1999) on:
Role of Nuclear Technologies for the Service of Society and Environment
in cooperation with the Faculty of Science, Ain Shams University, Cairo.
    During 2000 ENPA organized its 3rd two days seminar (13-14 May 2000) on:
Electromagnetic Radiation
(nature, effects, and applications)
with emphasis on microwave and synchrotron radiations.
    During 2001 ENPA  organized its 4th two days seminar (19-20 May 2001) on:
Depleted Uranium
(properties, use, effects, and issues)
    During 2005 ENPA  organized its 5th two days seminar (19-20 May 2005) on:
A Century of Great Discoveries in Physics
    During 2006 ENPA  organized its 6th two days seminar (2-3 May 2006) on:
20 Years after Chernobyl: Lessoms Learned
in cooperation with the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority.
    During 2007 ENPA organized its 7th two days seminar (8-9 May 2007) on:
Science and Societal Development
The venue was the Guest House of Ain-Shams University, Cairo.

    As non governmental organization, ENPA is headed by a Directory Board, a 9 members council elected for 6 years. Members of ENPA current directory board (3rd DB) are:

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nassef COMSAN
Prof. Dr. Mohammed Ahmed GOMAA
Prof. Dr. Zeinab Abdou SALEH
Prof. Dr. Mohammad Mahmuod ABD EL KHALEK
Prof. Dr. Mamdouh ADIB
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ahmed EL-KADY
Prof. Dr. Morsy Sayed Morsy EL-TAHAWY
Prof. Dr. Abdel Mon'em HASSAN
Prof. Dr. Abdel Razek Zaki HUSSEIN

- ENPA Membership Registration Form:  http://www.geocities.com/physicsegypt/Enpamf.html- ENPA Membership Registration Form (Arabic):  http://www.geocities.com/physicsegypt/Enpamf_a.doc
- ENPA News: http://www.geocities.com/physicsegypt/Enpanews.html
- PhysicsEgypt: http://www.physicsegypt.org/, and also at http://www.geocities.com/physicsegypt/
- JNRP Journal Of Nuclear and Radiation Physics : http://www.physicsegypt.org/jnrp/, and also at http://www.geocities.com/jnrp2005/

    All correspondence should be directed to:
Prof. Dr. M.N.H. Comsan,
President of the Egyptian Nuclear Physics Association.
Address: 3 Ahmed El Zomor St., Nasr City, Cairo, Postal Code 11787, Egypt.
Tel: +(202)24021018, +(2010)1844818 (mobile)
Fax: +(202)22876031
E-mail: comsanmn@hotmail.com, or mnhcomsan@menanet.net
Web site: http://www.geocities.com/physicsegypt /Enpa.html

Last updated: 12 Dec. 2008