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    The NUPPAC conference is a biennial event organized by the Egyptian Nuclear Physics Association (ENPA), Cairo, and dedicated to the progress in experimental and theoretical nuclear and particle physics in order to create broader perspectives for future work.
    The conference is a forum of scientists and persons from universities and research institutes and other governmental and non governmental organizations interested in various aspects of nuclear and particle physics.
    The scientific activities of the conference include plenary sessions for invited talks and keynote presentations by leading / recognized scientists to highlight recent progress in the field, oral/ poster presentations of contributed papers as well as working group meetings are included.
   The working language of NUPPAC is English.


    Review, keynote, and contributed papers are welcome in the following areas:
  1- Nuclear Scattering and Reactions.
  2- Nuclear Models and Spectroscopy.
  3- Neutron and Reactor Physics.
  4- High Energy and Particle Physics.
  5- Plasma and Fusion Physics.
  6- Nuclear Analytical Techniques and Methods.
  7- Mossbauer Spectroscopy.
  8- Computer Codes (modeling, simulation, analysis).
  9- Detectors and Instrumentation.
10- Applied Nuclear Physics.

Abstract Books

Available online abstract books are:
NUPPAC' 07 Abstracts
NUPPAC' 05 Abstracts
NUPPAC' 03 Abstracts
NUPPAC' 01 Abstracts
NUPPAC' 99 Abstracts


    Scientists and persons interested in nuclear and particle physics and interrelated disciplines are cordially invited to participate in NUPPAC activities. They are invited to contribute with review articles and scientific papers in any of the conference topics, and to take part in panel, round table, and working group discussions. The presentation time is 40 min for review and keynote contributions, and 15 min for contributed papers.
    Abstracts (not more than one A4 page) for all contributions are to be received within due dates on good quality white paper, laser printed or of at least 300 dpi printing resolution and ready for camera reproduction. The printed area is single column 16 cm wide and 24 cm depth. Margins are equal left- right with 2.5 cm top margin. Times New Roman should be used with title all in capitals 16 bold centered, author name(s)  in 14 bold capital/lowercase centered, author(s) affiliation (in groups) in 12 italic cap/lc centered, 2 empty lines followed by the text in 12 cap/lc justified.
     The full text of presented contributions should follow author instructions and received within due dates.

Author Instructions

    Manuscripts should be submitted ready for camera reproduction on high quality white papers A4 size, laser printed or of at least 300 dpi printing resolution. The printed area is 16 cm wide and 24 cm depth, margins are equal left-right, and 2.5 cm top. Maximum 12 pages all included. An electronic version  written in Word, or Latex source file should also be provided on CD or 3.5" diskette.

Title Page
    Drop 1.5 cm from the top margin and center the manuscript title in the typing area, drop 1 line space and center the author's name(s), drop 1 line space and center the addresses, drop 2 lines space and type abstract, drop 1 line space and type keywords, and drop 2 lines space and begin text.

    Use Times New Roman with the following sizes;
                     * Manuscript title          16 BOLD, all capitals, centered
                     * Author names            14 Bold, cap/lowercase, centered
                     * Author affiliation        12 italic, cap/lc, centered
                     * Others                       12 cap/lc, justified.

    Should be in not more than 100 words. The width of the abstract area is 14 cm, single, spaced without paragraphs, centered.

    Justify to the left margin of the abstract, type in Bold "Keywords:" followed by 3-5 key words separated by ",". all in italic, cap/lc.

    Headings should be centered, preceded by 2 lines space, and followed by 1 line space.
    For:          * 1st level heading          use BOLD, all caps
                    * 2nd level heading              Bold, cap/lc
                    * 3rd level heading               Italic, cap/lc.
    Type in the whole printable area, with paragraphs preceded by one line space and having the 1st line intended 5 spaces. The typing should be single spaced with an extra half space above a line containing superscripts, and below a line containing subscripts.

Tables, Figures, and Drawings
    These should be embedded in the text, close to where they are first cited, centered. Table number and title are centered above the table with the word "Table"  and the number followed by "." typed in Bold, the title in cap/lc. The same holds for figure and drawing captions, centered below the illustration.

    Should be centered with a line space above and below. Place each equation on a separate line, number them sequentially in Arabic numerals in "( )" placed flush with  the right-hand margin.

Symbols and Acronyms
    Use internationally accepted symbols and unit abbreviations. Use the International System of Units (SI).

    If used, classify the heading as 1st level, and position at the text end before the reference section.

    Should be numbered consecutively in the text in Arabic numerals placed in "[]", with the complete list given at the end of the manuscript. They should have the form:
[1] Author,A.B., Title of Book, Cairo: University Press, 1952, ch 7, pp 23-26.
[2] Author,C.D., Journal 10,6-22(1973).
[3] Author,E.F., Author,G.H.,and Author,I.J., "Title of paper", presented at the Alpha Beta Gamma Conference on Radiation, City, Country, Nov. 18-20,1977.
[4] Author,K.L., "Title of paper", in Proceedings of the Conference on..., City, Country, March 23-27, 1996, pp 1-12.

Social Programme

    NUPPAC social programme includes welcome reception, sight seeing tours and accompanying persons programme. Pre and post conference tours to historic places and modern resorts of Egypt: Greater Cairo (Pyramides and Sphinx, Saqqara, Cairo Citadel), Upper Egypt (Luxor, Aswan), Mediterranean Sea coast (Alexandria, the North Coast), Red Sea coast (Ein Sokhna, Hurgada), and Sinai peninsula (st. Catherine monastery, Suez Bay coast, Aqaba Bay coast) are available at moderate prices.

Exhibition and Advertising

    The NUPPAC traditional exhibition is organized at the conference site for local and international companies. Those who are specialized in applications of nuclear and particle physics in science, industry, agriculture, medicine, environment, etc. are invited to present their equipment, accessories, literature, software, and services. A programme of manufacturer's Seminars (MS) supports the exhibition, where leading manufacturers and vendors, their agents and representatives are given the chance to highlight the latest innovations.
    Interested companies and organizations are invited to apply for an exhibition booth, or for an advertising space in the conference material distributed to all participants, and to contact for MS programme.


    For more information, please contact;
Prof. Dr. M.N.H.Comsan
Chairman of NUPPAC
Address: 3 Ahmed El Zomor St., Nasr City, Cairo, Postal Code 11787, Egypt
Tel: +(202)24021018, +(2010)1844818 (mobile)
Fax: +(202)22876031
E-mail:, or
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