Egyptian Energy Development Group

Established in 2011

    EEDG is a group of scientists, experts and specialists, engineers, and supported staff in the fields of   electrical and mechanical engineering, architectural and civil engineering, nuclear science and engineering, and material science. EEDG deals with consultancy in: energy production and distribution, facility siting and planning, idustrial safety and security management, energy efficiency, energy capacity building, environmental impacts of energy complexes, and other related disciplines.

    EEDG provides expert services, consultation, and training support in the following fields:
- Energy planning.
- Evaluation of energy options and planning sustainable energy strategies.
- Basic design and facility layout for energy installations.
- Energy and power system analyses.
- Industrial safety and security programmes.
- Safety analysis of conventional, nuclear and radiation installations.
- Shielding design and radiation leakage calculations in nuclear and radiation installations.
- Environmental impact assessments.

     The EEDG is willing to support:
- Oil and Gas industry.
- Energy industry.
- Production industry.
- Environment protection.
- Universities and research institutes.
- Other interested enterprises.

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    For information, please contact:
Prof.Dr. M.N.H.Comsan
Egyptian Energy Development Group founder and G-leader
Professor of Nuclear Physics
Radiation Protection Qualified Expert
E-mail:, or

Last updated: 13 Oct. 2013