8th Environmental Physics Conference
Oct. 2018, Luxor-Aswan, Egypt

EPC' 18

Aswan Felucas
Philae Temple

1- Atmospheric Physics.
2- Weather and Climate Research.
3- Water and Marine Systems.
4- Physics of the Ecosystem.
5- Physics for a Sustainable Development.
6- Nuclear Techniques in Environmental
7- Clean and Innovative Technologies.
8- Environmental Radiation.
9- Environment and Life Sciences.
10- Environmental Modeling.
11- Global Environmental Issues.

!Deep Thanks to Colleagues!
The EPC' 16 Secretariat and Organizing Committee thanks all colleagues for their interest to attend the conference and present their contributions. Your presence was the stimulus behind our success.

Upon the recommendation of the conference International Advisory Board, the coming EPC' 18 conference is to be organized in Luxor-Aswan, the wonderful cities of Upper Egypt with their outstanding heritage of ancient Egypt.

Looking forward meeting you at EPC' 18.

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