One-day Seminar on
Pressurized Water Reactors
for Electricity Generation

Organized by
Egyptian Nuclear Physics Association (ENPA)

18 April 2017

Chairman of the Seminar
Prof.Dr. M.N.H. Comsan
Coordinator of the Seminar
Prof.Dr. M.S.M. El-Tahawy

Atomic Enegy Authority HQ, Nasr City
Cairo, Egypt

Organizing Committee
M. Adib, Secretary
Kh. Allam, Member
M.N.H. Comsan, President
S. El-Mongy, Member
M.S.M. El-Tahawy, Member
M.A.M. Gomaa, Vice President
A.Z. Hussein, Member
Z.A. Saleh, Treasurer
I. Tag-Eldin, Member

About the Seminar
     Energy is recognized as a major drive for contemporary economic and social development. The increase of world population along with the improvement in living standards in developing countries gives rise to proportional increase in world demand in electric power. In view of the increased depletion of fossil resources and the deterioration of environmental indicators, more reliance on alternative energy resources is underway including the nuclear power. Nuclear power constitutes appreciable component of world electricity generation. The number of currently operating nuclear units is 447 producing ~16% of the global installed power.
    In Egypt as a country of fast growing population, an ever increasing energy gap adversely affects economic, social and developmental atmosphere yielding less optimistic view to the future.
    Light water reactors (and especially pressurized water reactors) are considered among the most safety proven nuclear power reactors constituting more than 85% (61%) of operating units worldwide.
    The seminar aims at providing a forum for discussion and opinion exchange between scientists, engineers and policy makers on the current status of utilizing nuclear power in electricity generation. The seminar bears its importance as Egypt is taking steps to build its 1st NPP at the Dabaa site on the Mediterranean coast adopting a long range policy of energy security supported by national scientific and technological development.
    ENPA Directory Board welcomes participation in the seminar by presenting contributions, and taking part in discussions. We are looking for ideas and comments aiming to formulate appropriate recommendations on the subject.
   Talks and lectures can be presented in Arabic or English. We hope to collect the seminar activities on a CD and distribute it to registered participants.

Seminar Topics
- Sustainable energy as development indicator.
- Status of world nuclear power generation.
- Generations of pressurized water reactors (PWRs).
- Nuclear safety issues in PWRs.
- Environmental aspects of energy consumption.
- The Egyptian program for nuclear electricity generation - An outlook to the future.
- Towards a balanced energy mix.

    ENPA Directory Board cordially invites interested persons to participate in the seminar activities. The participation fee for Egyptians is:
100 EGP for ENPA members and 150 EGP for non-ENPA members.
The participation fee for non Egyptians is 100 US$.
The fee covers seminar printed material and tea/coffee break. The fee is to be paid before 4 April 2017 to the account of the Egyptian Nuclear Physics Association, No. 159/1/48993, Bank Misr, Nasr City Branch, Cairo, Egypt. Or to be paid in cash at the seminar registration.

    Manuscripts are to be submitted ready for camera reproduction on high quality white papers A4 size, laser printed or of at least 300 dpi printing resolution. The printed area is 16 cm wide and 24 cm depth, margins are equal left-right, and 2.5 cm top. Maximum 12 pages all included. An electronic version written in MS Word should also be provided on CD.
    Times New Roman with the following sizes were to be used:
with Manuscript title
Author names
Author affiliation
1st level heading 
2nd level heading
3rd level heading 
14 BOLD, all capitals, centered
14 Bold, cap/lowercase, centered
12 italic, cap/lc, centered
12 cap/lc, justified,
as BOLD, all caps
Bold, cap/lc
Italic, cap/lc
    For Arabic text, traditional arabic with appropriate sizes to be used.

Prof.Dr. M.N.H. Comsan,
President of the Egyptian Nuclear Physics Association,
2 Elnasr St., Nasr City, Cairo
Postal Code 11371, Egypt.
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