ICEST 2013
You can expose your energy technology to an international audience.
A Biennial International Conference on Energy Issues
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2nd International Conference on
Energy Systems and Technologies
18-21 Feb. 2013
Cairo, Egypt


Last Call for Papers

Conference Aim

Energy is fundamental to the quality of life on the earth. It is a key ingredient in all sectors of modern economies. We are totally dependent on an abundant and uninterrupted supply of energy for living and working. Meeting the growing demand for energy sustainably is one of the major challenges of the twenty-first century. By 2050, the world’s population is set to increase from 7 billion currently to more than nine billion. Energy use during this period is set to double. Consumption of energy resources by humans adds substantially to CO2 emissions that contribute to climate change. Urgently arresting climate change is in the interests of all nations. Transition to a low carbon economy is therefore a global aim that envelops every single nation. That is why an international forum for the exchange of ideas and experience amongst experts from a broad range of disciplines on the technology, policy and economic frame work is essential. Such a forum will lead to better understanding of energy issues on local, regional and global scales. ICEST offers the opportunity for scientists, professionals, policymakers and other parties to review recent developments in this rapidly changing discipline. The aim is to create a global sustainable energy infrastructure.

Conference Topics
1- Energy Primary Resources
2- New and Emerging Technologies
3- Innovations in Energy Technology
4- Advanced Energy and Fue Cell Technologies
5- Clean Energy Technologies
6- Centralized and Decentralized Energy Systems
7- Energy Storage Technologies
8- Energy Transmission and Distribution
9- Regoinal Integration Projects
10- Green Buildings and Construction
11- Energy-Environment Interaction
12- Energy Management and Sustainability
13- Energy Economics
14- Energy Market Liberalization
15- Law and Regulatory Issues

 Conference Programme
The program will include sessions covering the spectrum of issues on energy systems and technologies. Participants in the conference are diverse, with representatives from industry, government and academia. Presented papers will be refereed and published in the conference proceedings.

Call for Papers and Posters
The conference will feature keynote speakers, tutorials, paper presentations, panel discussions, and poster presentations. Authors from industry, academia, research laboratories, and consultants are invited to submit papers describing research, applications, tools, and case studies addressing the categories included in the conference topics. Approximately 25 minutes will be provided for each paper presentation, including questions and responses. A poster session will be open to all participants including students. For registration, use the form posted at the web page,
please fill and e-mail a copy to ICEST Manager:
Please note that for administrative reasons, the registration is mandatory.

Submission of abstracts
Prospective authors should submit an extended abstract of 600-800 words clearly explaining the subject, originality, and relevance to the conference on or before Dec. 21, 2012. Extended abstracts will be peer reviewed. Abstracts must specifically address each of the following categories to be considered: Problem addressed knowledge of prior work/ Project undertaken/ Research methods/ Conclusions.
Abstracts can be submitted electronically via the web page
Notification on accepted abstracts will be sent to corresponding authors by Jan. 4, 2013.
Please fill and e-mail a copy to ICEST Manager:

Regular Sessions
Author authors whose work is accepted for the regular sessions are required to submit a written paper for publication as well as present it orally at the Conference. One author per paper must register to attend the conference before or at the time the final paper is submitted. Papers without a registered author will not be printed or scheduled for presentation. In order to be published, authors must follow the author informtion guide provided at, and limit the paper to 10 pages in length, including illustrations. Full papers are due by Jan. 18, 2013.

Poster Sessions
Authors who choose to present a poster are required to submit an abstract for publication in the proceedings. The abstract may be up to one page in length and must follow the author informtion guide provided at One author per poster must register to attend the conference by the time the final abstract is submitted. Final abstracts are due by Dec. 21, 2012.

Special Sessions
Authors invited to participate in special sessions should submit a full paper up to 10 pages in length. The conference committee will give approval in some cases to accept a one-page abstract in lieu of a full paper. Authors must follow the author informtion guide provided at Final  abstracts and papers are due by Dec. 21, 2012 and Jan 18, 2013, respectively.

Attention Students
ICEST offers both a paper and poster competition to recognize student contributions to the advancement of environmental practices in sustainable systems and technology. To be eligible, the primary author must be a student on or before Jan. 1, 2010 and present original work either as an accepted ICEST 2013 conference paper or poster. Contest eligibility forms and instructions for submission are available at

Conference Fees
Participants are requested to make their registration fee payable to the account of "Afaq ad Co", National Bank of Egypt, Nasr City Branch, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt, swift code  NBEGEGCX104:
number: 104 000 111 100 1005878 (EGP account), number: 104 000 111 100 1005874 (US $ account), or number: 104 000 111 100 1005870 (Euro account), as apropriate - according to the following:
* Early registration (received up to 28 Oct. 2012):
For Egyptians (in EGP): Regular - 600, Student - 300,
For Non Egyptians (in Euro, or US $ equivalent): Regular - 360, Student - 180.
* Late registration (received after 28 Oct. 2012):
For Egyptians (in EGP): Regular - 700, Student - 350,
For Non Egyptians (in Euro, or US $ equivalent): Regular - 380, Student - 190.
The fee will cover the book of abstracts, conference printed material, the official conference lunch, attendance of conference sessions, and the conference proceedings.
All other expenses as accommodation, transportation and occasions (tours, excursions, etc.) are financed personally.
Fee for accompanying person is 200 EGP for Egyptians/ 120 Euro (or US$ equivalent) for non-Egyptians.
In case of written cancellations received by 23 Dec. 2012, only 80% of the prepaid amount will be refunded. No reimbursement can be made for cancellations received after this date.

The  ICEST' 2013 offers the opportunity to promote products, services, ideas and business in a comprehensive way as it attracts the attention of the local and regional governmental, scientific, business and technological communities. Interested companies and organizations are ecouraged to use the opportunity to communicate and promote their business, products and services through conference exhibition, which will operate next to the conference halls during 18 and 19 Feb. 2013. Delegates will be visiting the exhibition as well as the individual stands of each exhibitor.
For more information, please visit the web page at

All correspondence should be directed to:
Manager ICEST' 2013,
Projects and Consultation Unit, Afaq Scientific,
12 Qurash St., 6th Zone, Nasr City, Cairo
11371, Egypt
Tel: +(20100)1844818  Fax: (202)22733515

Please consider forwarding copies of this announcement to colleagues,
suppliers, academic partners or others who may be contributors to the program.

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