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Proceedings of the

2nd International Conference on Energy Systems
and Technologies

18-21 Feb. 2013, Cairo, Egypt

ICEST' 2013

Editor-in-Chief: M.N.H. Comsan

Table of Contents
Conference Committees
Conference Welcoming Speech
Conference Recommendations
Session I: Keynote Talks [81/25/85/77]
1- Strategy of adaptation as a mode of development in the contemporary companies on energy sector examples: 
Piotr F. Borowski [81]
2- Nuclear energy perspectives in MENA countries: M.N.H. Comsan [25]
3- Future of the power sector: Uncertainties and opportunities: Hameed G. Nezhad [85]
4- An international outlook of  innovative energy efficient designs of low carbon buildings: Essam E. Khalil [77]
Session II: New and Emerging Technologies [116/36/53/22/78/94/46/98]  
5- Algae energy system potential for oil production and CO2 capture in the Middle East: Ihab H. Farag [116]
6- Solar parabolic collector assisted evaporative cooling system: V. Arora and T. Sheorey [36]
7- Challenges facing the fuel cell technology to replace combustion engines: M.Y. Mustafa and R.K. Calay [53]
8- Development of a gas-hydrate power generation system: R. Shimizu, Sh. Obara, M. Okuda and M. Kawai [22]
9- An evaluation of solid oxide fuel cell for residential applications: Omar A. Shaneb and Ahmed I. Alguwiri [78]
10- Development of eco-friendly photovoltaic energy systems through “energy efficiency” technology - A roadmap and an application in Egypt and Japan: Gamal M. Dousoky and Masahito Shoyama [94]
11- Assessing behavior of outer crowbar protection with the DFIG  during the grid fault: Mohamed Ebeed, Omar Nour-eldeen and A.E. Abdulla [46]
12- Assessment of evolution in LEDs lighting as energy-saving technology: Salah Alabani [98]
Session III: Innovations in Energy Technology [18/113/51]  
13- Study on the performance of solar still used for desalination: Ehssan M. Nassef [18]
14- Nanofluids as a cooling agent for Rankine power cycle: Eman Abdel-Hakim Tora [113]
15- Innovative integrated marine biomass utilization: M. Aziz, T. Oda and T. Kashiwagi [51]
Session IV: Clean Energy Technologies [87/50/117/123/13]
16- Measuring of reduction of CO2 emissions transport fuels on the example of ethanol in Poland: Piotr F. Borowski, Malgorzata Powalka, Adam Kupczyk and Michal Sikora [87] 141
17- Analysis of the energy output of a solid waste treatment plant in Norway with the objective of optimization: E. Román, M.Y. Mustafa and W. Sargalski [50] 151
18- Machine-to-machine smart grid for sustainable energy: Rashid A. Saeed, Rania A. Mokhtar and AwadAllah A. Tayfour [117] 163
19- Potential of solar thermal energy utilization in electrical generation: Adel M. Abdel Dayem, M. Nabil Metwally, and A.S. Alghamdi and E.M. Marzouk [123] 177
20- Aero-electric tower: Basil Abd El-Megied, Ahmed El-Hawary, Mohamed Abd El-Salam, Yehia El-Ashram and Yara Medhat[13] 181
Session V: Energy Storage and Distribution [93/76/108]
21- A sankey framework for tracing energy and exergy: Kamalakannan Soundararajan, Su Bin and Ho Hiang Kwee [93] 187
22- Electrical distribution power systems of modern civil aircrafts: Reyad Mohamed, Ahmad Eid and Mazen Abdel-Salam [76] 201
23- Effect of load variation on network reconfiguration and service restoration plans in balanced and unbalanced distribution systems: Aboelsood Zidan and Ehab F. El-Saadany [108] 211
Session VI: System Modeling and Computation [65/114/118/52/91/24]
24- Evaluation of self-learning methods for predicting energy consumption: S. Vadera, J. Wu, U. Donath, A. Gomez, F. Meziane and N. Redondo [65] 215
25- The performance of 0.6 m impulse turbine operating under bi-directional airflow: Rehil O. Abdulhadi [114] 217
26- Chaotic behavior of coupled pendula: Sobhy R. Atalla [118] 227
27- Solution of two simultaneous faults in the middle voltage distribution network: Daniel Kouba and Lucie Nohacova [52] 229
28- Distributed generation placement and sizing using a modified PSO for power loss reduction in radial distribution systems: H. Musa and S.S. Adamu [91] 237
29- Study on operation analysis of a compound energy system using orthogonal table-GA hybrid method: S. Watanabe and Sh. Obara [24] 247
Session VII : Green Buildings and Environment [32/59/99/101/121]
30- Welcoming the wind: The potential for urban wind turbines to reshape the built environment: Naglaa A. Megahed [32] 257 
31- Green building and energy saving: Mahmoud A. Hassan and Nabil M. Guirguis [59] 269
32- Effects of fossil fuel extraction on Gokana environment,  Ogoniland, Nigeria: Victoria C. Ibezue [99] 275
33- TiO2 anatase nanopowder prepared by a gamma ray irradiation and photocatalytic activity: Radwa A. Elsalamony and Salwa A. Ghoneim [101] 285
34- Nano smart home: Basma Husien, Ghada Hamdy, Menna Agha and Mona B. Mohamed [121] 295
Session VIII: Energy Management and Economics [35/119]
35- Applying the contingent approach to public participation in nuclear policy: Yueh-Hua Lee, Chu-Ching Wang, Hsiu-chen Chuang and Chien-Chi Lin [35] 305
36- Energy: The crisis and the way-out: Heikal Bedair [119] 315

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