3nd International Conference on Energy Systems and Technologies
16-19 Feb. 2015, Cairo, Egypt
ICEST 2015
Submitted Titles and Abstracts

(1st uploaded: 3 Oct. 2014)

 Corresponding Author and Affilliation
1- A.A. Mousa etal, Department of Basic Engineering Science, Faculty of Engineering, Menoufia University, Egypt Reference point based neural network algorithm applied to fuzzy multiobjective environmental/economic dispatch problems.
2- Said Ali ElQuliti etal, Department of Industrial Engineering, King Abdulaziz University (KAU), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Assessment of solar energy potential in western region locations of Saudi Arabia using the analytic hierarchy process (AHP).
3- Mohamed Maher Hassan etal, Hill International (North Africa), Egypt Tracking the history and performance of the energy conservation methods used in Credit Agricole head quarter project, Egypt (Case Study).
4- Meysam Abbasi Sararoudi etal, Iran Risk-based maintenance scheduling for power distribution systems.
5- M.A. Abu-Saied, Polymer Materials Research Department, Advanced Technologies and New Materials Research Institute (ATNMRI), City for Scientific Research and Technology Applications, New Borg El-Arab City Alexandria 21934, Egypt Novel carboxylated poly (glycidyl methacrylate) grafted cellophane for proton exchange membrane fuel cell applications.
6- Cecily Nwokocha etal, Physics Department, AlvanIkoku Federal College of Education, P.M.B 1033 Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria Energy reform for West Africa in climate change crisis era.
7- Faouzi Nasri etal, Laboratory of Electro-Mechanical System, National Engineering School of Sfax, B.P. W3038, Sfax, Tunisia Double exposure PV-T solar cooker: modelling and simulation.
8- Adel A. Elbaset etal, Department of Electrical Engineering, Minia University , El-Minia, 61517, Egypt Deduction of two-diode model parameter for photovoltaic system.
9- Ahmad Eid etal, Electrical Engineering Department, Aswan University, 81542 Aswan, Egypt Load-flow control and voltage stability analysis of Egyptian distribution systems: A case study of a new city electrical network.
10- Sameh Mousa Mohamed Ali Noufal, Egyptian Engineering Syndicate, Egypt Energy transmission and distribution.
11- G. Slimani, Welding and NDT Research Centre (CSC). BP 64 Cheraga - Algeria The technology of fiber optic sensors.
12- Adel A. Elbaset etal, Department of Electrical Engineering, Minia University, El-Minia, 61517, Egypt Optimal operation of stand-alone photovoltaic systems with water pumps.
13- Ali Bakr etal, EETC, Assiut University, Egypt Fault current coefficients determination of unsymmetrical fault for microgrid adaptive protection system.
14- Sandip S. Deshmukh, BITS Pilani - Hyderabad Campus, Hyderabad - 500078, India Role of energy in sustainable urban development planning.
15- Joel Guilbaud, UCL Energy Institute (University College London), UK Economia assessment of hybrid renewable power systems for the minig industry.
16- Ali Elebarkous, GECOL, Libya Applying lean six sigma DMAIC methodology to identify the significant  factors causing delay in Construction Projects in  the electricity sector -Libya.
17- Shreekant Tare, SDITS, Khandwa, India Tracking of solar panel by hydraulic system.
18- Ammar M.Omar etal, Egypt Advances in hydrogen energy technologies.
19- Hossam S.H. Salama etal, Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Aswan University, Aswan 81542, Egypt  Application of superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES) to improve the frequency fluctuations of power systems connected with wind energy resources.
20- M.N.H. Comsan, Egyptian Energy Development Group, Cairo, Egypt Towards a balanced energy mix for Egypt.
21- Nagat Aly etal, Upper Egypt Electrical Distribution Company, Aswan, Egypt Assessment of the power quality of electric ferro alloys arc furnace.
22- Pradipta Halder, School of Forest Sciences, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, Finland Public perceptions towards new and emerging energy technologies: A cross-country perspective from students and teachers concerning bioenergy.
23- M.S. Hassan etal, Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Minia University, El-Minia, Egypt Design and implement of 100 kW rooftop grid connected PV system: Faculty of Engineering as a case study.
24- Saady Hasan etal, Dept. of Electrical Power and Machines, Faculty of Engineering, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt An AC current limiting and interrupting device for power distribution systems.
25- A.A. Karwi etal, Al-Furat Al-Awsut Technical University, Iraq Reduce the risk of radon gas in contaminated soil and calculation of the lowest possible cost damage.
26- A. Al-Musa etal, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia Effect of active thermal insulation on methane and carbon dioxide concentrations in the effluent of a catalytic partial oxidation reactor for natural gas conversion to synthesis gas.
27- Abdullah Al-Musa, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia Direct conversion of carbonaceous feedstocks to electricity in a solid oxide fuel cell.
28- Walid S.E. Abdellatif etal, Electrical Department, Faculty of Industrial Education, Suez University, Suez, Egypt Evaluation of voltage flicker emissions of variable speed DFIG-based wind turbines.
29- Reyad Abdel-Fadil etal, Aswan Faculty of Engineering, Aswan University, Aswan, Egypt Fuzzy logic control of modern aircraft actuators.
30- Muntari Abubakar, Department of Basic and Applied Sciences, College of Science and Technology, Hassan Usman Katsina Polytechnic, Katsina, Katsina State, Nigeria A direct laboratory approach to the study of electrolytic capacitor for energy conservation.
31- Md. Rafiqul Islam etal, Khulna University of Engineering & Technology, Khulna-9203, Bangladesh InxGa1-xN-based multi-junction solar cell modeling and performance analysis using Matlab/Simulink.
32- Al-Attar A. Mohamed etal, Faculty of Engineering, Aswan University, Egypt Energy management with capacitor placement for economics low carbon emissions using modified multi-objective Grey Wolf optimizer.
33- Ahmed A.M. El-Gaafary etal, Faculty of Engineering, Elminia University, Egypt Environmental/economic dispatch using multi-objective states of matter optimization algorithm.
34- Basil Abdel-Megied etal, National Research Center, Giza, Egypt Scalable solar tower for rural areas.
35- Yu-Shan Chen etal, Department of Business Administration, National Taipei University, Taiwan Improvement of green human capital, green absorptive capacity and green dynamic capacities to achieve green service innovation: An analysis of structural equation modeling (SEM).
36- Latifah Nurul Qomariyatuzzamzami etal, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia Effect of rock porosity in geothermal electricity potential estimation of reservoir "Z".
37- Ali Fadel Ali etal, Libya Energy from waste. Case study (Co generation plants: - West of El-Zawya power station- Libya).
38- Mahmoud S.Ahmed, Mech. Eng. Dep., Faculty of Industrial Education, Sohag university, Sohag, Egypt Experimental study of energy separation in counter flow vortex tube.
39- Abd El Wahid Hamza Kahlane etal, Centre de Developpement des Energies Renouvelables, CDER, BP 62 Route de lObservatoire, Bouzarah, 16340, Algiers, Algeria LCL filter design with passive damping for photovoltaic grid connected systems.
40- Charikleia Karakosta etal, Management & Decision Support Systems Laboratory (EPU-NTUA), School of Electrical & Computer Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece Benefits and costs sharing through RES electricity cooperation between Europe and third countries.
41- Gaber Magdy, Faculty of Energy Engineering, Aswan University, Egypt Plant input mapping digital redesign of a PID controller for a power system damping.
42- Sayed M. Said etal, Aswan University, Egypt Enhancement of voltage profile for unbalanced distribution system with wind energy and superconducting magnetic energy storage.
43- Shahram Moradi etal, Guilan Power Distribution Company, Iran Examining of replacement ACCC conductors rather than ASCR conductors in 20 kV overhead networks.
44- Essam E.Khalil etal, Professor of Energy, Cairo University, Fellow ASME, Fellow ASHRAE and Fellow AIAA Energy efficient designs and training of sustainable buildings in urban environment.
45- Essam E.Khalil etal, Professor of Energy, Cairo University, Egypt Holistic approach to energy performance of built environment: Decades of activities.
46- Ahmed F. Elharoun etal, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt Analyses of  thermal comfort and indoor air quality under stratum, displacement and mixing ventilation systems.
47- Emad A. Mohamed etal, Aswan Faculty of Engineering, Aswan, Egypt Enhancement of power system transient stability using resistive superconducting fault current limiter with YBCO and Bi-2212.
48- Adel Dashti, Kuwait A proposed model for examining and analyzing environmental costs and their impact on financial statements. A field study with application on petroleum sector in Kuwait.
49- A.M. Sheikh etal, Mechanical Engineering Department, South Valley University, and Department of Metallurgy, School of Engineering, UFRGS. PdNi catalysts for energy conversion in direct ethanol fuel cells (DEFCs).
50- Asmaa Fawzy, Energy Engineering Faculty, Aswan University, Egypt Self-tuning DC motor design based on radial basis function neural network.
51- Ahmad Rasdan Ismail etal, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, Malaysia Implication of thermal energy distribution towards human comfort in a space: A field analysis.
52- M.G. Hemeida etal, Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Minia University, Egypt Stabilization of a wind farm using  static VAR compensators (SVC) based fuzzy logic controller.
53- Dina Taman, Economic & Political Sciences Faculty, Cairo Univesity, Egypt Renewable energy in Egypt.
54- Ayat A. Saleh etal, High Voltage Network Department, Faculty of Energy Engineering, Aswan University, Egypt Wind penetration in electricity network voltage stability based on SVC devices.
55- Sobhy R. Atalla, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Fayoum University, Egypt Solar energy and the drama of life on earth, from the Big Bang to Gaia.
56- Walid Mohammed, Faculty of Energy Engineering, Aswan University, Egypt Experimental and CFD of designed small wind turbine.
57- Sherif Adham Mohamed, Egypt Study of the effect of porous medium (sand) thickness on double slope solar still productivity with considering humid air region.
58- Mohamed Ahmed Azab etal, Center For Renewable Energy - Yanbu Research Center, Colleges and Institutes Sector, Royal Commission-Yanbu, Saudi Arabia Solar powered switching DC power supply.
59- Olfa Helal etal, Research Unit: Environment, Catalyzes and Process Analysis, National School of Engineers of Gabes, Omar Ibn Khettab Street, 6029 Gabes, Tunisia Theoretical study of the effect of the angle of incidence on the optical performances of two integrated solar collectors.
60- Mai Moddather etal, Faculty of Energy Engineering, Aswan University, Aswan, Egypt Improvement of power quality using multiple types of FACTS devices.
61- A.M. El-Noby etal, Faculty of Energy Engineering, Aswan University, Egypt Robust technique LFC of two-area power system with dynamic performance of combined SMES and SSSC control.
62- Elhussein Ahmed etal,  Faculty of Energy Engineering, Aswan University, Aswan,  81528 Egypt Stability improvement of power system by using PSS with PID AVR controller in Aswan High Dam.
63- Saad A. Mohamed Abdelwahab etal, Faculty of Industrial Education, Suez University, Suez, Egypt Optimal operation of stand-alone PV pumping system based on an induction motor.
64- Radwa A. Elsalamony etal, Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute, Cairo, Egypt Preparation, stability and photocatalytic activity of titania nanofluid using gamma irradiated titania nanoparticles by two-steps method.
65- Asmaa Fawzy, Energy Engineering Faculty, Aswan University, Egypt Intelligent adaptive control of a one link manipulator system using self tuning regulator.
66- T.M. Elsheikh etal, Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute, Cairo, Egypt Optimum injection dose rate of hydrogen sulfide scavenger to treatment petroleum crude oil.
67- T.M. Elsheikh etal, Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute, Cairo, Egypt Estimation of economic thickness of therma; insulation for process piping and equipment.
68- T.M. Elsheikh etal, Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute, Cairo, Egypt Modeling and optimization of fuel rich and fuel lean catalytic combustion of stabilized confined turbulent gaseous diffusion flames over noble disc burners.
69- A.A. Khozam, Energy Consultant, Cairo, Egypt Energy efficiency opportunities in water treatment (WT) and waste water treatment (WWT) plants in Egypt.

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