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Proceedings of the

3rd International Conference on Energy Systems and Technologies

16-19 Feb. 2015, Cairo, Egypt

ICEST' 2015

Editor-in-Chief: M.N.H. Comsan

Table of Contents
Conference Committees
Conference Welcoming Speech
Conference Recommendations
Session I: Keynote Talks [55/45/71]
1- Solar energy and the drama of life on earth, from the Big Bang to Gaia: Sobhy R. Atalla [55]
2- Holistic approach  to energy performance of built environment. Decades of activities: Essam E. Khalil, and Dick van Dijk [45]
3- The Egyptian Nuclear Power Plants Program: Ibrahim Aly El-Osery [71] 
Session II: New and Emerging Technologies [49/38/60/61/21]  
4- PdNi catalysts for energy conversion in direct ethanol fuel cells (DEFCs): A.M. Sheikh, M. Soude, A. Atif,  and C.F. Malfatti [49]
5- Experimental study of energy separation in counter flow vortex tube: Mahmoud S. Ahmed , Hany A. Mohamed, and A. Abo El-Wafa [38]
6- Improvement of power quality using multiple types of FACTS devices: Mai Moddather, Abdel-Moamen M.A., and Gaber Shabib [60]
7- Robust technique LFC of two-area power system with dynamic performance of combined SMES and SSSC control: A.M. El-Noby, Gaber El-Saady, Youssef Mobarak, Abdel-Moamen M. A, Mohamed A.A. Wahab, and Mohamed M. Hamada [61]
8- Assessment of the power quality of electric ferro alloys arc furnace: Nagat Aly,  Mohamed  Ebeed, and  Adel Z El Dein [21]
Session III: Renewable Energy Technologies [23/28/63/34/8/58]
9- Design and implement of 100 kW rooftop grid connected PV system. Faculty of Engineering at El-Minya as a case study: Adel A. Elbaset, and M.S. Hassan [23]  71
10- Evaluation of voltage flicker emissions of variable speed DFIG-based wind turbines: Walid S.E. Abdellatif, Ali H. Kasem Alaboudy, and Ahmed M. Azmy [28]  85
11- Optimal operation of stand-alone PV pumping system based on an induction motor: Adel A. Elbaset, Ali H. Kasem Alaboudy, and Saad A. Mohamed Abdelwahab [63]  97
12- Scalable solar tower for rural areas: Experimental study and CFD analysis comparison: Basil Abdel-Megied, and Mohamed El-Anwar [34] 113
13- Deduction of two-diode model parameter for photovoltaic system: Adel  A. Elbaset, Hamdi Ali, and  Montaser Abd-El Sattar [8] 121
14- Solar powered switching DC power supply: Mohamed Ahmed Azab [58] 137
Session IV: System Modeling and Computation [29/31/41/52/62/50]
15- Fuzzy logic control of modern aircraft actuators: Reyad Abdel-Fadil, Ahmad Eid and Mazen Abdel-Salam [29] 149
16- InxGa1-xN-based multi-junction solar cell modeling and performance analysis using Matlab/Simulink: Tajrin Akter, Md Zubair Ebne Rafique, Md. Soyaeb Hasan, Md. Rafiqul Islam, Ibrahim Mustafa Mehedi, and Abdulaziz Alshareef [31] 159
17- Plant input mapping digital redesign of a PID controller for a power system damping: Gaber Magdy [41] 171
18- Stabilization of a wind farm using  static VAR compensators (SVC) based fuzzy logic controller: M.G. Hemeida, H.R. Hussien, M.A. Abdel Wahab, and M.M. Hamada [52] 187
19- Stability improvement of power system by using PSS with PID AVR controller in Aswan High Dam: Elhussein Ahmed, Abdel-Moamen M.A, and Gaber Shabib [62] 203
20- Self-tuning DC motor design based on radial basis function neural network: Asmaa Fawzy Rashwan [50] 215
Session V : Green Buildings and Environment[44/46/51]
21- Energy efficient designs and training of sustainable buildings in urban environment: Essam E. Khalil, and Doaa El-Sherif [44] 227 
22- Analyses of  thermal comfort and indoor air quality under stratum, displacement and mixing ventilation systems: Ahmed F. Elharoun, Ahmed A. Fahim, Esmail M. Bialy, and Essam E. Khalil [46] 237
23- Implication of thermal energy distribution towards human comfort in a space. A field analysis: Ahmad Rasdan Ismail, Norfadzilah Jusoh, Rosli Abu Bakar, Nor Kamilah Makhtar, and Suriatini Ismail [51] 249
Session VI: Energy Management and Economics [32/35/53]
24- Energy management with capacitor placement for economics low carbon emissions using modified multi-objective Grey Wolf optimizer: Al-Attar A. Mohamed, Ahmed A.M. El-Gaafary, Yahia S. Mohamed, and Ashraf M. Hemeida [32] 261
25- Improvement of green human capital, green absorptive capacity and green dynamic capacities to achieve green service innovation: An analysis of structural equation modeling (SEM): Yu-Shan Chen, and Yu-Hsien Lin [35] 271
26- Renewable energy in Egypt: Dina Taman [53] 291
Session VII: Selected Topics [27/40/54/57/64/1]
27- Direct conversion of carbonaceous feedstocks to electricity in a solid oxide fuel cell: Abdullah Al-Musa [27] 297
28- Benefits and costs sharing through RES electricity cooperation between Europe and third countries: Charikleia Karakosta, Vangelis Marinakis, Aikaterini Papapostolou, and John Psarras [40] 303
29- Wind penetration in electricity network voltage stability based on SVC devices: Ashraf M. Hemeida, and Ayat A. Saleh [54] 317
30- Study of the effect of porous medium (sand) thickness on double slope solar still productivity with considering humid air region:  Sherif Adham Mohamed [57] 327
31- Preparation, stability and photocatalytic activity of Titania nanofluid using gamma irradiated Titania nanoparticles by two-steps method: Radwa A. Elsalamony, Rania E. Morsi, and Ahmed M. Alsabagh [64] 339
32- Reference point based neural network algorithm applied to fuzzy multiobjective environmental/economic dispatch problems: A.A. Mousa, B. N. Al-Matrafi Bart, and  M.A. El Shorbagy [1] 353

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