Journal of Nuclear and Radiation Physics

A Periodical of the Egyptian Nuclear Physics Association ENPA)

Author Information

Manuscript Preparation 
The manuscript should include a title, author's name(s) and full address (with an e-mail if available), an abstract of less than 100 words, the text and references. Details of instructions are available at

Manuscript Submission 
Authors are invited to submit original papers to JNRP. The material should be original, new not published previously. By submitting the manuscript the corresponding author bears the responsibility that intellectual property laws are not infringed. After acceptance, it will be understood that the material shall not be published elsewhere. Manuscripts should be sent in duplicate along with a complete version on CD written in MS-Word or LaTex source file to the Editor-in-Chief on the following address: 
    Journal of Nuclear and Radiation Physics 
    12 Qurash St., 6th Zone, Nasr City, Cairo, 
    Postal Code 11371, Egypt.

Manuscript Processing 
- Upon first receipt, manuscripts will be directed to specialized referees for evaluation. The corresponding author will be notified of referee's comments for manuscript revision (if any). 
- Upon processing completion, an official statement of acceptance, or rejection, will be issued and communicated to the corresponding author. 
- After final processing, the galley proof of the paper will be sent to the corresponding author for check against the manuscript final form. 
- The paper will be published with indication of the dates of receipt, revision (if any), and acceptance.

Publication Fees 
On submission of a paper for publication, authors are kindly requested to pay submission and publication fees according to the following: 
- 100 LE for Egyptians, or 20 Euro for non-Egyptians, to be paid upon manuscript first submission. 
- 50 LE for Egyptians, or 10 Euro for non-Egyptians, per page of the revised manuscript, to be paid upon a payment notification. 
20 free reprints of the paper will be provided to the corresponding author. 

Last updated: 31 Jan. 2017