Announcement and Call for Papers

11th Conference on Nuclear and Particle Physics

20-23 October 2019, Hurghada, Egypt


Conference Topics
1- Nuclear Reactions and Spectroscopy. 
2- Nuclear Models and Structure. 
3- High Energy and Particle Physics. 
4- Neutron and Reactor Physics. 
5- Plasma and Fusion Physics. 
6- Relativistic and Quantum Physics. 
7- Computer Codes (modeling, simulation, analysis). 
8- Detectors and Instrumentation. 
9- Radiation Measurements and Dosimetry. 
10- Applied Nuclear Physics.
Year Topics
11- Advanced Reactors and Utilization
12- Cyclotron and Accelerator Utilization
Due Dates
for submission of abstracts
21 Aug.2019
for early registration
31 Aug.2019
for submission of contributed papers
18 Sep.2019
for submission of invited talks
9 Oct.2019

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Dear Colleagues! We invite you to participate in the conference activities and have the chance to explore the wonders
of Red Sea and Egypt.

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